5x Cold-Pressed Juices

2x Health Tonics

$48/January Special

Benefits of a 1-Day Cleanse

Rest your digestion:  Your body uses 50-70% of its energy digesting food every day depending on what is consumed. A juice cleanse uses only nutrient-dense liquids which are easily digested and absorbed which allows the body to invest most of its energy into repairing and healing the body.

Feel lighter:  Giving your body a break from solid food for a day helps reduce bloat, clear the digestive tract, and feel lighter and more vibrant very quickly.

Before and After Cleanse (24-48 hours)

Consume as much as possible:

  • Raw, vegan foods (all raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds)
  • Pure, filtered water (minimum: 60 ounces/day)

From the Enjoy Pure Food + Drink™ menu, the following items meet the above standards:  

  • All smoothies
  • All cold-pressed juices
  • All tonics
  • ‘Hug In A Mug’
  • ‘Early Bird Toddy’
  • All salads requested vegan (no cheese or animal protein)
  • Guacamole with raw veggies
  • ‘Clean Livin’ bowl
  • Enjoy protein balls