Private Dining Room
Enjoy Pure Food + Drink


Mar 24 2020


11:30 am - 1:00 pm



Enjoy Wholeness Lunch + Learn Workshop with Dr. Jessica Bohlke

The Doctor Within: How Being My Own Health Advocate Saved My Life + An Inside Perspective of Healing Cancer Holistically

You will get an up-close and personal look at Dr. Jessica Bohlke’s healing journey of overcoming a rare and aggressive Ovarian Cancer holistically at the age of 20. As she brings pieces of her experiences to you, you will learn about what it was like to heal cancer unconventionally and leave with basic practices you can seamlessly incorporate into your daily life to prevent all dis-ease. She will discuss how to operate out of logic instead of fear when it comes to your health, and how you can take back your power by making a shift in what you feed your cells. By providing perspective as a former patient and now as a doctor, you will gain the empowerment and tools necessary to feel confident in guiding your own health journey.

We often do not know the value of something until we lose it, especially when it comes to our health. Whether you are facing illness or trying to prevent it through your lifestyle – this story of empowerment and education is for you!

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Your ticket includes a meal of your choice from our menu and an iced tea or lemonade.