Cold-Pressed Juicers vs. Centrifugal Juicers

At Enjoy pure food + drink we promote optimum health, and our cold-pressed juices are no different. For optimum quality we choose the Goodnature Juice Press. Our friends at Goodnature have some of the best cold-pressed juicers available, distinctly separating them from centrifugal juicers. We only provide the most organic, honest and pure food available, and pairing our juice offerings with Goodnature was a no-brain cold-pressed juice decision! We are thrilled to have supplier who is exciting about promoting good health and pure food as we are.  Please read the excerpt from Goodnature below.

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Lots of people debate whether or not there really are differences between juice made using a press and juice made in a centrifugal juicer. Last year, we had the two types of juice analyzed by a certified food lab and published the results. The results showed that the nutrients in centrifugal juice break down much faster than they do in cold-pressed juice.

The obvious visual difference is how the juice is separated. This is believed to be caused by heat and oxidation, which is high in centrifugal juice because of how the juice is extracted. The produce is chopped up and flung into a fast spinning screen, which forces the juice out by centrifugal force. Compare that to the cold-press process, in which the produce is chopped up, then gently but firmly squeezed by a press like a nice massage. Happy juice comes from happy fruit.

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